Ice Hockey Instruction

Skating First believes that mastering core hockey skating skills and the continuous improvement of speed, agility and stamina is essential for the long term success of the individual player.   Most coaches would probably agree that coaching the game of hockey becomes much easier if the players on the team are well rounded skaters.

Unfortunately, skating skill development and enhancement is usually the least appealing aspect of the sport for most players and coaches.  While many coaches will have extensive experience playing or coaching the game,  many have little or no knowledge on how to most effectively provide an atmosphere that will be conducive to the development of strong skaters.  When the proper  development of skating skills is ignored, or insufficiently addressed, the opportunity for appreciating and understanding the significant role skating plays in the game is often lost to the player and their parents until it is too late.

Skating First believes that a strong emphasis on the importance of skating skill development as soon as the player becomes interested in the game will result in a stronger, faster and more confident player.  Players who are confident in their abilities will have more potential opportunities for success over the course of their hockey “careers” and  because of this, will more likely become life long players and  enthusiasts of the sport.

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