Inline Skate Instruction

The Inline Certification Program is devoted to the development of professional inline skating instructors so skaters around the world can receive top quality instruction. For more than 20 years the ICP has provided a consistent educational framework using proven skill building methods.

With the increase in of our international instructor base, and the cultural diversity of participants it had become very obvious that there was a need for more regional distribution of programming.  The idea of the ICP as an umbrella program-and going forward interchangeably referred to as ICP International, has encouraged the development of new  programming in the Asia-Pacific region, throughout Europe and most recently South America.  This expansion has facilitated the growth and cooperation of new and current certifying bodies and instructors around the world. These efforts to bring together existing associations and professionals encourages the exchange of skating information and instructional techniques between countries which can benefit the world-wide growth and popularity of the sport.

ICP is a program which trains and certifies inline skaters to be instructors. The program provides a methodology for teaching inline skating to skaters of all levels through a structured and progressive lesson plan, and with a sound understanding of the technical skills involved. Besides being an education standard, it also provides continual development for certified instructors, opening many opportunities for a career in inline skating.

The goals of ICP International are as follows

  • To build a network of inline skating professionals from around the world.
  • To integrate and recognize existing national certification programs and associations by the development of an international standard of instruction for the sport of inline skating.
  • To become a resource in the exchange and promotion of teaching materials and business ideas as they relate to the sport of inline skating.
  • To develop and coordinate a regular international instructor conference.
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