Snowskate FUNdementals!

This course has been built as an introductory platform for people who are passionate about snowskating and who want to help others experience the fun and excitement that a pair of Sled Dog Snowskates can bring.

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Snowskating Basic Skills

Learn the basics of moving, stopping and turning on snowskates!

Learn Best Practices for Instruction

 In addition to outlining the basic snowskating skills, the Snowskates Ambassador Manual will give you an introduction of best practices of snowskating instruction.

Organize a Snowskate Demo!

Excited to see more people on snowskates? Consider organizing an in-person Snowskates Ambassador Program. 

Beyond the Basics

Before you know it, you will be on black diamond runs snowskating where you never thought you could!

Learn from Certified Instructors in both Skating & Skiing!

The Snowskates Ambassador course was developed by top skating and ski instructors.

Take Your Passion for Skating to the Snow!

Don't miss out on this snow season. Become a Snowskates Ambassador Today!


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