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Smart Skate Parent Program

Teaching your child how to inline skate has never been this comprehensive and detailed. Coach Tom distills his years of experience helping families learn to inline skate in a program that is available to you now! 

Before you purchase please remember that in the program you can:

  • Learn at your own pace. 
  • Check your progress by taking the quiz per stage. 
  • Teach with no prior Inline skate skills. 
  • Increase the comfort, safety and fun your child will experience with your newly acquired knowledge. 
  • Watch videos, read the manual, test out the bonus features to get more out of those skates you have just bought.
  • And if you haven't bought the skates yet by taking this program you will further your knowledge on what your child needs to have a successful first time experience. 
  • Get assistance from Coach Tom who will walk you through your tough problems by signing up to a private consultation. 
  • Gain more access to knowledge on learning what to do on inline skates.  
  • BONUS: Video what games to play for novice inline skaters!

Check out our FAQ with more details 

Estimated time to complete program: 

20 mins to complete learning of each stage. 

60-90 min to conduct each stage. 


8-12 hours to complete whole course.  


In the Smart Skate Parent Program you will gain access to: 

1. 8 x 2,5 min videos highlighting the essentials needed to successfully help a child learn to inline skate. 

2. A .pdf document identifying all the material in written just to help you should you need notes when executing the stages of the SSP Program. 

3. Quizzes for stage 1,2 and 3 where the most challenging part of the learning curve lies. The goal of the quizzes are to help you focus on the essentials needed to successfully complete the process of helping your child learn to inline skate. 

4. An option to sign up for a private consultation session should you have issues in the learning curve and need additional help. 

To sign up for a private consultation with coach Tom please click this link.  

*Terms of Service : 

1. Please be aware that parents are fully responsible for the safety of any activity on inline skates. For the safety of all participants, Full Protective Gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads & wrist guards) is highly encouraged.

2. These tools are provided to enhance the parents capabilities and in this, the Rollerskool and the ICP are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury caused by activities trying to emulate the contents of this program. 

4. Please take measures to be safe, aware and confident when applying the contents of this program. 

5. Parents are heroes and we appreciate, applaud and support any effort to help enrich a child's skill set.