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The International Snowskates Federation Foundation Instructor Course

This course:

  • utilizes techniques & terms existent in the world of Ice/Inline Skating Instruction & Ski Instruction;
  • demonstrates a very natural transition from Inline Skating & Skiing.   
  • Focuses on participants developing comfort in riding on ‘Green Circle’ runs & ‘Blue Square’ runs (there will be further levels for more advanced teaching skills and personal development in the new season)
  • is designed for Snowskates enthusiasts, Hockey Coaches, Ice Skate Instructors, Ski Instructors, Inline Skating Instructors & others to develop teaching skills & Snowskating skills.
  • Uses the kajabi app to present, upload and review course content. Please find and download this app from the Apple or Play Store to access and receive any announcements regarding the course.
In this course, you will get:
  • the ISF Foundation course manual
  • a slope safety quiz
  • your first assignment ensuring you have grasped the main ideas from the manual, called "ISF Foundation Course Assessment"
  • the Safe Sport course
  • a list of the skating skills needed to pass the course
  • individual skills reviews
  • lesson plan assignments
  • a final written assessment
  • a final practical exam
  • Upon completion, you will receive a certificate confirming that you are a certified Snowskates Instructor!

Contact us for details about the next online or in-person course!

The online course will include some assessments in the form of writing, sending filmed material and of course, being present during our online sessions. For that reason, you will need access to a camera (a phone camera will do) and the internet.

We recommend you attend ALL sessions. However, if you should be unavailable for any session, you must inform us earlier and we can send you the recording. Without prior notice, you may not be able to complete the course which may lead to failure to complete the course.

During the course, whilst on snowskates, you will be required to wear safety gear! 

A few things to take into consideration. 

Although this is the first ISF, it is the only organisation offering this kind of certification, is heavily supported by the ICP (Inline Certification Program) and Tomsen Sports. Snowskating is still a fairly new sport and it may take some time for some slopes to accept this form of winter sport. Therefore we recommend you speak to each slope/resort management before starting to teach there. In addition to this course, you may need to get another form of certification before they agree to let you teach. This could be a ski, snowboard and/or other snowsport certification if you have not already done so.

We, as an organisation and together with Tomsen Sports and the ICP, are working on building a relationship and partnership to make sure this certification is of the highest recognition. However, this may take some time. This is why it is of utmost importance to act professionally and responsibly on the slope, not only when representing the ISF, but also as a snowskater. I'm sure that together with your professional approach to teaching others safely, we can achieve this!

* However, this course can be counted towards your Continuing Education requirements (CERs) for ICP Instructors.

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