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The Inline Certification Program

Teaching the World to Skate. Since 1991.

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Are you passionate about skating and think you would like to teach others? Find out more about about getting Certified to Teach Skating in our NEW Online Program. Take your passion and turn it into a profession!

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Have a question about teaching skating? Want to start a skate school and not sure how? We have a world wide community of instructors who can answer your questions, motivate and inspire!

Online Level 1 Certification

Been skating long enough to teach new skaters how to skate? Always wanted to share the joy of skating? Interested in a part-time of full time income source? Or do you just want to become a better skater by learning the knowledge behind it all? Take the next step and become an “ICP Certified” instructor!

No Travel Expenses. No Expensive Visa Fees.

Given the uncertainty of air and international travel during this time in our world, it is the perfect time to get certified online. Plus, you'll save a lot of money and time by staying in the comfort of your own home.

International Certification

Join certified instructors in over 50 countries and 6 continents. Be inspired to be your best by some of the very best skating instructors in the world. Being "ICP Certified" means you are part of the ICP world-wide family.

Proven Teaching Methods

The program provides a methodology for teaching inline skating to skaters of all levels and disciplines through a structured and progressive lesson plan, and with a sound understanding of the technical skills involved. 


"I thoroughly recommend the online course. It breaks down the learning sequence of skills for beginners, so that their initial attempts result in success, and gives them a great foundation for further skills development. Prior to the course, I had years of experience skating and teaching (in other fields), however I struggled to teach others my skating skills. Now I have a lot more confidence due to the ICP teaching model. I enjoyed the combination of Zoom sessions and self-video sessions. The Zoom sessions allowed for discussion with the examiners and other candidates, everyone was extremely helpful and supportive and we were able to get some great teaching ideas. The self-video sessions really allowed me to have some time for self-assessment of my skills. By the end of the course, I knew the teaching manual back-to-front, it is a very helpful resource."

Skater/Skier, Brisbane

"After attending the ICP Level 1 course, I applied what I had learned immediately with my students. It has transformed my short-term skating classes to now a longer, more structured framework. The students benefit through a better foundation and the instructors in our skate school are more professional. I am presently applying ICP teaching methodology to surf skateboard classes and having a lot of success!"

Shanghai Skate School Owner

Teaching the World to Skate. Since 1991.

The Inline Certification Program is devoted to the development of professional inline skating instructors so skaters around the world can receive top quality instruction. For 29 years, the ICP has provided a consistent educational framework using proven skill building methods.

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