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Get "ICP Certified" Online!

Turn Your Passion for Skating Into A Profession. What you will get: Proven platform that has trained over 7000 sk...

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Global Instructor Community

A place to ask questions, share resources and inspire each other to be the very best skating instructors in the world!

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Plyometrics for Skaters

Follow along videos and session plans for skaters who want improve their technique, lower body strength and explosive...

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The Confident Beginner Skater

This class includes beginning moving, stopping and turning skills on inline skates and associated "ICP Skating Rules ...

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Learn the FUNdementals of Snowskating!

This course has been built as an introductory platform for people who are passionate about snowsk...

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ICP Recertification

Instructors who have let their ICP "Active Instructor" status lapse for 2 or more years by not paying the ICP Annual ...

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Basics of Inline Hockey Manual

The goal of this manual is to provide skating instructors with the tools to develop the skating skills and the stick ...

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Promoting Skating, Developing Skaters

This manual provides a platform of ideas for skaters, retailer and instructors who are looking to expand their i...

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Speed Skating Basics

This course covers the basics of introductory speed skating techniques. It is designed for those interested in knowin...

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Stroller Blading!

Welcome to the world of Stroller Blading (which is actually the intersecting worlds of Parenting and Inline skating! ...

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Blade Fitness

The Blade Fitness program enhances balance, agility, lateral strength, power, muscle tone and cardiovascular and musc...

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Games for Children

Games for Children is a teaching resource for skating instructors who want to play games that will enhance skill deve...

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