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An Introduction to the ISF Foundation Instructor Course

This course has been built as an introductory platform for those who want to start snowskating and want to do so safely as well as those who want to help others experience the fun and excitement that a pair of Snowskates can bring. 

This course aims to introduce the public to Snowskates & promote the activity.   

This Program:

  • recognises that Snowskates are a product within the area of Ski-Boarding with devices that have short sliding surfaces (eg. Typically 40cm);
  • expands sports instructors’ (of other activities) available products to students;
    provides both the instructor (of other activities) & students with a ‘cross-training’ experience & to have fun!
  • utilizes techniques & terms existent in the world of Ice/Inline Skating Instruction & Ski Instruction;
  • demonstrates a very natural transition from Inline Skating & Skiing, yet clearly identifies Snowskates as one form of ‘Ski-Boarding’ (a distinct but closely related sports activity).   
  • Focuses on participants developing comfort in riding on ‘Green Circle’ (beginner) runs & ‘Blue Square’ (intermediate) runs.
  • is designed for Snowskates enthusiasts, Hockey Coaches, Ice Skate Instructors, Ski Instructors, Inline Skating Instructors & others to develop teaching skills & Snowskating skills.
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