Last Online Level 1 Certification for 2020 Begins November 7th!
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Turn Your Passion for Skating Into A Profession.

What you will get:

  • Proven platform that has trained over 7000 skaters world-wide to become inline skating instructors.
  • 24+ Hours of live and guided Instruction
  • Graded Assignments to reinforce understanding of teaching methodology and practical application of materials
  • Theory, Practical Teaching & Practical Skating Assessments
  • Video Analysis of Skating & Teaching
  • A comprehensive framework for teaching the sport of inline skating
  • International recognition as "ICP Certified"
  • & Much More!

November 2020 Session 
The virtual sessions for the November 2020 Level 1 Online Course are scheduled for 8:00am-10:00 am EST (New York ) Check for the time in your city.*
  • Saturday, November 7
  • Sunday, November 8
  • Saturday, November 14
  • Sunday, November 15
  • Saturday, November 21
  • Sunday, November 22
  • Sunday, November 29

Candidates are encouraged to attend all live sessions.

Full Protective Gear (Helmet, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards) and Heel Brake are compulsory and must be worn throughout program.

*Times and dates may be adjusted based on examiner availability. Instructor Candidates will be informed to any changes in the schedule 48 hours prior to the start time.


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