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Speed Skating Basics

This course covers the basics of introductory speed skating techniques. It is designed for those interested in knowing more about recreational inline racing.

This course:

-Identifies Speed techniques that come from Inline Racing but are applicable to general recreational Inline Skating (for all levels of Skaters).  Inline Skate Racing events are fun and exciting but periodic (and not available in most communities).  Speed techniques can be used at all times while inline skating. 

-Written with the intention that they would only be introduced to students at the appropriate time (when safe and fitting for their abilities).

-Identifies key and unique components of this version of inline skating (eg. Forward Arm Swings; Lateral Leg Extension; Heel Pushes; etc.) and assumes that the participant Instructor is familiar with Teaching Concepts from other ICP courses.

-Only focuses on a few key Speed techniques. Not all current Race Coaching approaches.


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