This one is for you! 

Did you buy your child inline skates and just never got around to using them?

Want your kids to learn how to inline skate but don't know how to start?

During this quarantine time would you like to have fun with them while learning a new skill?

Then the Smart Skate Parent Program is for you! A program designed to help you introduce inline skating to your child in a safe, fun, simple, comfortable and comprehensive approach.   

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No inline skate skills required.

This program starts from zero. Covering the basics to getting them rolling in a fun, safe, comfortable and confident manner.  

Adjust to your child's capabilities.

Every family is different, every child will have different progression experiences and this program is built to cater these differences. 

Private Consultation 

We are providing you with the opportunity to sign up for a private consultation. This is the assistance needed to help your child have an awesome inline skate experience.  

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